A global experienced software entreprise
NourKas Co.

NourKas is a team of digital strategists, artists, technologists and developers working exclusively in the areas of consumer loyalty, audience growth and digital content delivery.

Main offices around the world.

About us

We are a software entreprise made up of experts and experienced professional from around the world with one goal of putting their know-how and industry experience at the service of businesses. We help our clients to create experiences, services and products that play a meaningful role in people’s lives. We give our clients brand new and original creative solutions to bring their business to an unexpected level and flourish in the fast growing digital world. Take a look on our services to see how we can help you.



With Nourkas, all your business logics and ideas can be brought to reality. We listen to customers ideas, make critical analyses and we build strategic and solid concepts upon them. We move further to these business challenges and provide the creative, digital technology-based solutions to help solve them. We listen, review existing approaches and define a roadmap to success. Contact us today and bring your business to the next level.

Why you should work with us

We rely heavily on integrity, commitment, collaboration, teamwork, strategy and innovation to bring ideas to life. We always do it together, whether you are a client, partner, or colleague.


It is vitally important for us to maintain integrity both personally and professionally to ensure a positive relationships with our clients and thus guarantee progressive business growth.

Team Work

Team work is one of the core values of NourKas and it’s essential to the ongoing success of the company in collaboration of ideas, knowledge and working together to breed a culture that drives everyone forward to success.


To achieve outstanding results and maintain our position in the market, our determination and work ethics will ultimately dictate the level of our success.

Strategy and Innovation

All strategy and consulting engagements are delivered with an eye towards innovation, market leadership, and most importantly generating revenue on behalf of our customers which we consider as partners.

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